Case Study: FARx Group

FARx Group, a tech start up delivering seamless, frictionless and continuous multi-factor biometric security required a corporate restructure and advice as they seek considerable investment.

What we did

  • Managed the corporate restructing of the company and provided all the necessary documents, policies and procedure including the shareholders’ agreement. We now support the Board with any corporate matters
  • Provided a suite of template commercial documents such as confidentiality agreements, memorandum of understanding and reseller agreements.
  • We are working on the EIS/SEIS investment application and have prepared the term sheet and due diligence information ready for seed investment
  • Provided the agreements to ensure the company’s intellectual property is protected and have worked with patent attorneys who are obtaining patents.

Added Value

  • Kept the directors fully aware of their legal duties and obligations
  • Ensured compliance within the highly regulated investor sector.
  • Being fully compliant and prepared for due diligence helped the company stand out to investors.
  • Effectively managed the IP protection to ensure the company’s main asset is assured

“Emma’s advice and support is worth her weight in gold!” 

Dr Clive Summerfield, Founder at FARx Group Limited