Case Study: Future Motors

Future Motors were negotiating a potential reseller agreement with a US based leading global provider of real estate and investment management services 

What we did

– Obtained agreement for the agreement to be governed by English law.
– Reviewed the proposed reseller agreement and provided both a risk report and a redline mark up of the agreement.
– Supported our client and attended negotiations with the other party’s commercial team and lawyers.
– Advised our client on the all the ongoing changes to the agreement until a final version was agreed and signed.

Added Value
Ensured Future Motors were fully aware of the risks before discussing with the other party by producing a comprehensive but practical risk report and helping them prepare their negotiation strategy

We supported our client in the contract negotiations by being on hand to contribute to the discussions by helping the parties consider practical implications of the issues they had difficulty agreeing on in order to find a way forward.

As a result, the other party agreed to considerable changes to their standard form of reseller agreement which ensured the risks were distributed fairly between both companies and that Future Motors was not liable for any risks beyond their reasonable control.