Case Study: Music venue company

A music venue company was in the process of relaunching their venue and seeking additional investors.

What we did

  • Carried out an audit of existing corporate documentation and commercial agreements and advised on requirements to ensure the company’s paperwork is all correct and sufficient for the purposes of the investment process.
  • Prepared the shareholders’ agreement, share investment agreement and all the supplementary documentation and dealt with Companies House on behalf of the company. We met with each of the new investors on behalf of the company to discuss and to obtain their signatures.
  • Provided Directors’ service contracts, letters of appointment for non-executive directors, employee contracts and a suite of policies and procedures, for example data protection policy, use of CCTV policy, equality diversity and inclusion policy, disciplinary and grievance procedures and staff absence policy,

Added Value

  • By providing the shareholders’ agreement, service contracts, letters of appointment and employee contracts ensures that all shareholders, directors and employees are fully aware of the rights and responsibilities for them and the company.
  • Our review of their current documentation and the provision of all necessary agreements to fill any gaps ensured that the investors were reassured that they were purchasing from a professional company.
  • Advising the company on their obligations in regard to data protection and the use of CCTV has enabled them to comply with their legal obligations and ensure the rights of their employees and customers are protected.